I Saw Four Swans

Went for a walk and an early breakfast in Emsworth this morning. As I walked back along the old mill pond I saw four swans in the space of about 50 metres. Not one of them was alive.

The first was on the name plaque of “Swan Cottage”. The second was a garden ornament. The third was a stained glass doorway. The fourth a silhouette also on the side of a house.

There were also plenty of living swans too, but this morning it was those representations that caught my eye.

2 thoughts on “I Saw Four Swans

  1. David B

    If those swans allowed you to get that close to take a photo, then they must be pretty friendly.

    Great to see more posts to the blog, once again, Alan! Hope that you and the family had a nice Christmas break and we wish you a very prosperous 2019!

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