Quick Links 26th November 2017


Welcome to a frosty part of the world (at least it is at the moment as I type, but I suspect it will be unseasonably warm again soon enough). It feels like it’s been busy this week and time has been passing quickly.

I’ve been doing a few jobs around the house and garden this week, trying to tidy things up for winter. Still plenty to do but it’s getting there.

Work – I’ve had meetings in Southampton this weeks as well as some telephone conferences all related to potential work. Nothing that I can comment on further yet, so once again a waiting game.

Allotment – I’ve harvested the broccoli with the hope that it will grow some side shoots in the springtime, if I had let it grow it would have spoilt, so although we won’t necessarily have broccoli in the spring we had some nice broccoli and Stilton soup this week.

I’ve also been progressing with the digging of the site, getting it ready for next season, and keeping me warm when I’m down there!

Currently Reading – I’ve not been reading much this week, bits and pieces now and then, but not consistently.

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

I’ve mostly been trying to avoid the Black Friday nonsense, every other advert seems to be related to it, and clearly the best way to save money on Black Friday is not to buy anything. I think we have enough “stuff”, probably more than we need and I certainly don’t need to buy any more! [LINK]

When the solution to building a road is not to build it in the first place –  [LINK] I’ve been on this road many a time, and it is a bit of a nightmare, but to be honest given the alternatives I’d rather that no new bypass was built. We seem determined to trash the environment and I really don’t see why we can’t just stop.