Quick Links 22nd October 2017

Life In General – Well this week started out a little weird. Ex-Hurricane Ophelia was forecast, although we missed the worst of the winds and rain, she did bring a lot of Saharan sand with her, leaving some truly odd skies during the day. Sadly Ophelia claimed three lives, and did quite a bit of damage [LINK] elsewhere. We also had storm Brian at the end of the week, which for us was a bit of a blustery day and like the start of the week we missed the worst of the storm.

Had my flu jab during the week, hopefully that will offer me some protection from getting sick over the winter months. The media are getting a bit of a fever (sorry) about this flu season predicting it will be bad, after a bad season in Australia.

The clocks don’t go back until next weekend, and so the mornings have been that much darker, so I’ve been using the dog’s illuminated collars for the first time this autumn/winter, when the clocks change it’ll be a bit lighter again in the mornings for a while, but darker much earlier.

Work  A little progress this week, getting ready for another Chamber of Commerce event at the end of the month.

Allotment – The weather hasn’t been conducive to getting much done on the plot this week, but the overwintering onions are now starting the germinate and stick shoots up above the ground. The weeds don’t seem to be abating though – plenty to do.

Currently Reading – Most of the week I’ve been reading – Floating: a Life Regained
by Joe Minihane [GoodReads] – it’s essentially a revisit of Waterlog by the late Roger Deakin [GoodReads], and it’s a pretty good read. It takes a different perspective, given the different backgrounds of the two authors, but I enjoyed it, although wild swimming in winter is unlikely to become a thing for me.

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

Warning of ‘ecological Armageddon’ after dramatic plunge in insect numbers [LINK] There’s plenty of coverage of this out there if you want to read more [LINK], but in reality I don’t think that this comes as much of a surprise to many people.