Quick Links 31st July 2017

Each week I’ll try and post quick links to things that I’ve seen, read, inspired me or just sparked my interest in the previous week, with a little background and my thoughts and other things that I’ve been up to in the previous week. Mostly gardening, cooking and environmental stuff but not always.

Life In General. Quite a few different trips with my Mum this week for pre-op stuff for her knee replacement. Her surgery was on Saturday and seems to have gone okay, although at the time of writing this it’s still early days, but she is already up and about walking with the aid of a frame – she borrowed someone eles in the middle of the night and got up to go to the loo by herself when she wasn’t supposed to, causing a minor panic amongst the nursing staff – possibly graduating to crutches today.

Work  I’ve been invited to submit a proposal for some work, always nice to get an invite like that a little out of the blue. I’ll be looking on that in detail over the next couple of weeks. Otherwise I’ve been moving some other projects forward, and trying to tidy things up so that I can be a little clearer next week to help my Mum.

Allotment. – We’ve had a lot of rain this week, which has meant I haven’t had to water the plot at all, but it has also kept me from doing much else other than harvest as and when needed. We’re getting good crops of courgettes, kale, cavlo nero, broccoli, tomatoes and lettuce. I’m still waiting for another sowing of lettuce and beetroot to germinate, which I’m hoping they will do soon as we’re running low of the previous sowing, and the remaining lettuce are starting to bolt.

Currently Reading

“The Dark Tower” by Stephen King [GoodReads]- which I’m reading for an online group. (This will probably be the last time I write this sentence or one similar, as this week coming is the last of the book group, and I actually finished the book on Saturday night. I’ve enjoyed the series as a whole, although there have been a couple of moments where I might well have stopped reading all together were it not for the group, so I’m grateful to have had that drive to keep me going. Great respect and kudos to David Cranmer for taking the lead on this quite epic journey over the last year!)

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

Our Man Inside Newsletter – If you don’t already subscribe then you should, as it is one of the best out there [LINK]. Normally published every Friday.

Orangutan Playing With A Sack – I think he wants to be Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Pesticide Levels in Garden Centre Plants

Goat Stuck On A Utility Line

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