A Muse

One of my Christmas presents was the hare print above. I managed to find a frame for it, and at the weekend managed to get the print into the frame.

I still need to get a length of cord on the back of the frame so that I can hang it, but for the time being it’s been in front of me in our lounge. It’s become a bit of a muse for me, I find myself staring at it quite captivated. I almost don’t want to hang it on the wall, I like it where it is.

The artist is Lisa Cunningham, and she has lots of other great things on her Etsy page.

2 thoughts on “A Muse

  1. That’s a very nice gift, Alan. And, hey, there’s no law that says that paintings must be on the wall. I think it’s a very lovely painting.
    However, I see a subliminal image in it which is probably why you like looking at it so much. ;o) LOL!

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