Nest Boxes


I wrote a few weeks ago about cleaning the bird boxes ahead of this years nesting season, well it looks like I wasn’t a moment too soon as blue tits are checking out the sparrow box (above).

This particular box has been the most successful one in our garden since we’ve had it. As you can probably see it is actually three boxes together, the individual holes lead to separate nest boxes. It’s designed to attract house sparrows, who are communal nesters, but it’s never had a sparrow nest in it. Blue tits and great tits seem to enjoy it, but the sparrows seem to prefer the hedge.

2 thoughts on “Nest Boxes

  1. All cleaned out, just in time for the new tenants! 🙂 We have a pretty healthy community of house sparrows around here, during the winter months. They enjoy picking up what the chickens leave behind.

    1. I noticed yesterday after this post was already live, that there are some fresh pecked marks around the entrance to some of the boxes, this is another good sign that they’re likely to be occupied.

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