I’ve asked readers before about whether they’d read a newsletter if I produced one, although essentially Quick Links is becoming a weekly newsletter in the form of a blogpost anyway or seems to be evolving that way in my view. I’ve made no plans to change the current arrangement, although a week of blogging every day has taught me a few things and given me some ideas, but for now I thought I’d share some of the newsletters that I read and might interest you. Most require you to sign up, (the links are to the sign up pages) but all contain an unsubscribe link if you don’t like them as much as me or change you mind, I’ve also included a quick note about the normal day and frequency with which they’re published.

So in no particular order…

Christian Payne (@documentally) Backchannel (weekly, Fridays)

Warren Ellis Orbital Operations (weekly, Sundays)

Joe Hill Escape Hatch (monthly)

Giuseppe Sollazzo In Other News (weekly, Tuesdays)

Kieron Gillen Word Mail (weekly, Tuesdays)

Ganzeer Restricted Frequency (weekly, Saturdays)

Ed Yong The Ed’s Up (Friday / Saturday)

Do you subscribe to any good newsletters that you think I might be interested in? If so drop me a comment below.