Quick Links 31st October 2016

Each week I’ll try and post quick links to things that I’ve seen, read, inspired me or just sparked my interest in the previous week, with a little background and my thoughts and other things that I’ve been up to in the previous week. Mostly gardening, cooking and environmental stuff but not always.

A Wolf Dies [Last Word on Nothing Blog]

Currently Reading

Entering the Silence: Becoming a Monk and a Writer: 2 (The Journals of Thomas Merton) by Thomas Merton [GoodReads].

The Drawing of the Three (Dark Tower Book 2) by Stephen King [GoodReads] – I’m reading this as part of an online discussion, although it’s really a reread for me as I did read it years ago.

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

I’d certainly look forward to this sort of camping.

There’s been plenty of coverage of the proposed new third runway at Heathrow, but I can’t say that I’m particularly in favour of it. It seems like the wrong decision, and yet another government white infrastructure elephant like HS2 & Hinkley Point C, costing the tax payer billions but not returning on the investment.


Just because it’s Halloween, here are a couple of Simon’s Cat videos for your enjoyment…

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