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Sunday 21/08/2016 Holy Trinity Church, Bosham, West Sussex
Sunday 21/08/2016 Holy Trinity Church, Bosham, West Sussex

A couple of weekends ago we visited Bosham, as we frequently do we took the dogs with us. We didn’t stay long however as wherever we went there were “No Dog” signs. On the one hand this annoys me, as it bars me from certain places, but I respect landowners wishes. What also annoys me is how this situation has been reached and the fact that it’s probably due to thoughtless dog owners not respecting those around them, not clearing up after their dogs and the landowner then feeling that they have no choice but to stop all dogs. A great shame.

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  1. There’s a footpath along the side of our field and it’s understandable that people want to let dogs off the lead, but the trouble is that many people have no control over their dogs, if they chase the cows or come into the garden and kill chickens. I love dogs and have always had at least one until the past two years, but it’s the owners who are the problem.

    In the village churchyard, people think it’s fine to exercise their dogs, because the gates can be shut. They don’t clear up after them though and the churchwardens get complaints, rightly, when people go to the graves of their loved ones and find dog mess. They don’t want to put signs up but what can one do? The responsible owners are the only ones who’d take any notice anyway!

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