If you come by here often, you’ll notice that I publish a “Quick Links” each week. I’ve been thinking about changing this a little, as there’s often a bit of background to why I’ve included a particular link but I rarely say why. So this got me thinking as to whether I should include this or whether I should convert this to a weekly newsletter which could be sent directly to peoples email inboxes rather than having to always come here to read it.

I’d welcome your thoughts, but also let me know whether you would subscribe to a newsletter (it would be done using something like mailchimp so that email addresses would be secure and you could subscribe or unsubscribe directly). If you have a preference let me know in the poll below.

3 thoughts on “Newsletter?

  1. Hey, Alan! Since I subscribe to your blog already, and each new blog post arrives in my email in-box as a newsletter-type article anyway, I voted for the first selection in the poll. For me, not having to subscribe to a separate newsletter is a simpler solution. But, that doesn’t mean I would not subscribe to a newsletter if you go that route.

    Writing a short piece around what lead you to reading the “quick link” is a good idea and would be interesting to read.


    1. Thanks David, that’s useful feedback and I can see the drawback of having to subscribe twice. I quite like the idea of providing a little more background and it also gives me an opportunity to mention things that maybe I wouldn’t sit and write a whole post about by themselves. It’s given me some more food for thought. Thank you 🙂

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