Clearing the Compost Bin

It’s that time of the year for clearing out the last of the compost from the main bin on the allotment. I’ve been using this as I dig over the beds, and plant potatoes. It’s mostly last years cleared plants with a little horse manure and other things that will compost well. I have two bins, one that’s “cooking” and one that I’m adding to in the current year. Next spring the one that’s “cooking” will become the one I use for adding to beds as I dig them.

While I was working, a pair of Robins kept coming to check on my progress, and help me by removing centipedes and other insects, I managed to get a few minutes of video of their antics, see below. They seem very focussed, and I think  both have nests with young in near by, so I expect I’ll be seeing their offspring in due course. They’re often coming to inspect what I’m doing, particularly if I have the hoe out or any other activity that disturbs the soil a bit.


One thought on “Clearing the Compost Bin

  1. Very nice, Alan. We have robins (North American robins, that is, which are different from the robins you see), that like to shadow us in the garden as well. The bunch we have this year are last year’s fledglings, I think, and are very much used to us. So they come in very close and don’t seem to worry about us too much.

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