5 thoughts on “Buzzard!

  1. I am so unobservant, always need someone to point birds out to me. I have to hear them first and then look!

    1. I did cheat a bit. That same bird has been around that area for a few days, so I knew to look in the general area. First time since vet been able to get any sort of photo though.

  2. Nice! This past week-end on our walk we got to see one red-tailed hawk hunting in a residential neighborhood, and a baby red-tailed hawk landed in our front yard on our hedge, looking for small prey in our lawn/bushes.

      1. We have hawks, owls, and vultures. I haven’t seen an owl in about a year (we live next to a nature preserve), but I hear them early in the morning when I’m up (0500 hrs. usually). Vultures around where I live often land or congregate on the ground when they find dead/run-over animals. They are so huge, so ugly, so beautiful. I love them. Hawks are majestic, and owls just look so…well, intelligent and cool.

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