Ruby Looses Her Ball, Finds it Again

One of our regular walks (almost daily while the wet weather has been about) is around Fort Fareham. Built to defend us from French invasion, it’s now a light industrial site and area for recreation.

As the trees have lost their leaves Ruby has started to notice the squirrels, particularly as they have been so active in the mild weather. A few days ago she saw one and went on a chase, although the pursuit was short lived (she hasn’t worked out the whole tree climbing thing), she dropped her ball. The video below shows what happened next.

2 thoughts on “Ruby Looses Her Ball, Finds it Again

  1. David

    Now that’s a dog enjoying herself! Our black lab, Lacey, would do a similar thing when she lost her ball in the tall grasses. Every so often she’d stop, dead in her tracks, poke up her head to look about momentarily. Then, back right down to try and pick up the scent. She loved it, just as Ruby seems to love it.
    A great way to spend some time, waiting for spring.

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