Sacred Sierra by Jason Webster

I’ve just finished reading “Sacred Sierra: A Year on a Spanish Mountain” by Jason Webster. It’s a book that I thoroughly enjoyed and here are my thoughts.

Sacred Sierra: A Year on a Spanish MountainSacred Sierra: A Year on a Spanish Mountain by Jason Webster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is Jason Webster’s story of his first year in the mountainside “mas” which he and his wife Salud move to, and begin to renovate both the cottage and the land.

As he works with the elements he narrates a wonderful story of the characters he meets and the friendships made, as well as his expansion of almond, olive and truffle farming.

Each chapter, told in monthly parts, is started with a traditional folk tale from the area, which adds something extra to what is already a great and well written story.

This book was one that was recommended to me by Amazon on the basis of previous purchases and for once was spot on as something I really enjoyed and was sorry to finish. I’ll be checking out his other books, as he is also a crime fiction writer, although I’d certainly read more tales from his mountainside too, where he ever to write more.

There’s also a video on YouTube, where the author explains a little more about the book.