Away & Home

I’ve been in Brussels most of last week. In all likelihood it will probably be the last trip away before my redundancy kicks in. My last day in the office is now only four weeks away, and then the job hunting will begin in earnest!

With the long summer evenings, and the time difference, I had plenty of time to explore the area where I was staying. There was a park nearby, which made for a pleasant evening stroll after dinner. Leopold Park is associated with the educational institutes that are located nearby.




I got back home late on Friday afternoon and I have to say it’s good to be home and to be back to walking the dogs, the allotment, and just to be home.



2 thoughts on “Away & Home

    1. It is, particularly as it still feels like business as usual, hence the trip. Not quite sure how I’ll feel on my first day of unemployment though.

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