Moving From iPhone 4S To Moto G

Around the end of 2013 my iPhone 4S starting playing up; struggling to find a signal, not recognising the SIM card. Unfortunately it then got very wet, when I got caught in a downpour with it in my pocket.

I was in the market for a new phone. My first choice was a replacement iPhone, the current models 5S or 5C were my choices, but money’s tight and they weren’t a option, so I started looking at Android and Windows alternatives. I looked at Samsung Nokia and HTC, but again, although cheaper, price was an issue. I finally settled on a Motorla, Moto G.

The price was right, about a fifth the price of the iPhone, but would it be as good?

Price aside, and I question the notion of the premium product being so expensive in Apple’s case; would my new Moto G be as good, better or a false investment?

Here’s my view after a couple of months use of the Moto G.


Size.The Moto G is a little bit larger than the iPhone it was replacing. As such it felt odd in my hand. I’ll admit to fumbling it a little more than I did the iPhone but I think in some way that’s like muscle memory. You get used to the feel of something, it becomes instinctive. Now after a couple of months I’ve adapted to a different form factor.

Camera. To be honest I can’t tell a difference in the two phones. I prefer the camera app on the Moto G, as it’s a little more intuitive, and the storage of images mean I can access those taken on the Moto G more easily from another device than I could on my iPhone.

Messaging. Our household was a heavy iMessage user. So a new messaging app was needed with the arrival of the Moto G. We’ve settled on Kik. Not as good as iMessage but good enough.

Other apps. I’ve only installed those I really use on the Moto G, and I haven’t found a noticeable difference yet.

Email & Calendar. This is probably what I miss the most. The native android apps just aren’t on a parr with the native Apple equivalents. It’s not a deal breaker, but they are disappointing.

Overall I’d say, there’s little in it. If money was no object, I’d be tempted to look around, but the Moto G is a great little workhorse at a great price.