New Year; Life Moves Forward

I’ve sat down to write this post several times over the last few days, to review my 2013 and cast ahead for 2014. I’ve deleted that post each time. I’ve erased it because of the simple rule I have here in not talking about work, and because it has occupied so much of last year and probably will this year the post became something of a non-starter each time.

So instead I’m simply going to say I want a better 2014 than 2013. I’m not sure whether that will be possible, but I want to live a healthier 2014; write more; read more; take more photographs; be more creative. Not resolutions, just intentions.

I’ve been on leave over the Christmas and new year period. The weather has been foul, and it’s been a rare day when I’ve not been wet at some point. With dogs to walk, you have to pick you moment to stay dry or just get on with it. I’ve tried both, and still gotten wet.

The local park looks more like a water feature everyday


And my boots have split, so I have to be careful how I navigate the puddles to keep my right foot dry! (I’ve ordered a new pair, and they should be here today or tomorrow. I’ve also had to order a new raincoat, as I’ve discovered that my old one was no longer waterproof, unfortunately my phone was in my coat pocket, and that’s not doing so well either).

So New Year, and life moves forward.