Dark Rite by Alan Baxter & David Wood

Dark RiteDark Rite by David Wood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alan Baxter and David Wood have totally nailed the small town, backwoods horror with Dark Rite. The residents of the town are drawn as convincing obsessed characters with a feel of Deliverance in their attitudes to outsiders. You’re never quite sure what’s driving them, although all will be revealed, but they’re single minded in their intent.

The story has just the right amount of creepy horror and weird goings on to keep you turning the pages to find out the truth, much the same way as the hero, Grant, keeps on going.

This is a novella at the end of the day, and works perfectly in that form. The story fits the format well, and keeps the pace cracking along from first page to last, and can easily be read in one sitting. To be honest you’ll want to, as once you get started this is a difficult book to put down.

I’d recommend this one for fans of early Stephen King and Richard Laymon and anyone who wants a good creepy horror.

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