Two Years A Kindle Owner

I’ve had a Kindle for little over two years now.

I wondered when I bought it how it might affect my reading and book buying habits. Would I stop buying physical books and only buy Kindle books from now on? Would my kindle be just a flash in a pan though, and would I be unable to give up the allure of the physical book.

In truth after two years I think it’s none of the above. I think I have spent far more money on “books” than I might otherwise have done in the last two years, having regularly fallen for the temptation of the “Kindle Daily Deal” or other promotions; where I’ve bought books, many of which I still haven’t read. Then again I’ve bought books on promotion that I wouldn’t otherwise, and have enjoyed them and gone on to buy more by those authors.

I haven’t given up on physical books either, although I have probably changed my habits here. I tend to now only buy physical books that are by authors where I particularly want to keep a physical copy, or those that don’t produce a Kindle edition, for whatever reason.

I still visit bookshops too, although I will admit this is one source where I am definitely buying less books from, I’ve become much more of a browser now than I was before.

Overall I think my Kindle has had a positive impact. I’m reading more books than I ever have, and taking advantage of being able to carry my Kindle just about anywhere means I’ve made more time available to read.

I’m also impressed that it is as robust as it is. I did wonder whether it would last this long, but I’m pleased to say that it seems to be working as well today, as the first day I owned it. The battery life is still very good, taking weeks or even months between each charge, even with the Wi-Fi activated. It still has plenty of space for more books too, so no worries about storage space anytime in the near future.

All round a good investment.