Book Review: The Drop by Michael Connelly

The Drop (Harry Bosch, #15)The Drop by Michael Connelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Drop is a Harry Bosch novel, and a fine one. Michael Connnelly is a master of the plot and sub-plot, and able to weave a very intricate tale which keeps the reader turning the pages without the need for lots of action scenes, gunfights and other attention keepers that other authors use (including myself)!

Harry’s in the Open and Unsolved Unit, looking into cases that have never been concluded but remain open. He is given a difficult case to look at, difficult in the sense that the evidence that has come to light, doesn’t add up with the timelines. As he and his partner David Chu start to investigate, they are called to another crime scene, the death of the son of a high ranking Councilman. The death looks to be one of either accident or suicide, but as the investigation progresses there is sign of homicide.

As the story continues both investigations are bought to there conclusion, but not before there are several unexpected twists, and the politics (“high jingo”) between the LAPD and City Council plays out, and there is even time for a little romance for Harry.

If your a fan of Michael Connelly or like a good procedural, then I would recommend this one to you.

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