Allotment Catch Up Sunday


Cabbage White Butterfly

 I spent this morning on the allotment as I hadn’t spent much time there yesterday with having to pick Ruby up from the vet. As she was clearly much better I took a couple of hours to do some weeding and watering, as well as harvesting a few things – broccoli, red gooseberries and loganberries in particular.

  It was an overcast morning, which thankfully kept the temperatures down, there were also a number of birds about, in particular blackbirds singing and my robin friend was back, keeping a check that I was doing the weeding right and uncovering insects for him to eat.

Checking on insect provision

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Allotment Update 4th July 2015

A quick allotment update, shorter due to other events this week.


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Ruby’s Home


I picked Ruby up from the vet this morning. She’s much improved and with some TLC over the next few days should be back to normal soon.

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Ruby Update


Unfortunately I’ve had to take Ruby back to the vet this morning.

She’s had a barrage of tests during the day and is spending the night at the surgery, hopefully I’ll be collecting her in the morning. Diagnosis is still the same (haemorrhagic gastroenteritis) and hopefully she’ll respond better to this second round of treatment.

Will update when I know more.

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Neither Black or Pink


Last year we had both black and pink Hollyhock in our garden. This year we have neither but we do have the red one pictured above. I can only assume that it is a hybrid of the two former colours.

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Second Blog Post For Regatta

RobinMy second gardening / allotment blog for Regatta is now live on their website. You can read it here.

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One of Those Days…

One Year Today

Being woken at 2am to the sound of a dog vomiting, is never likely to signal a good start to the day, and things didn’t improve from there. By 4pm I found myself fighting the traffic on the way to the vets with Ruby; ultimate diagnosis, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, treatment; 3 x jabs, plus antibiotic tablets and kaolin paste.

The good news is she seems to be perking up, but not back to normal yet, although she did bring a chew toy up on to our bed this evening. We need to see what tomorrow brings, but hopefully a return to food for her and not more sickness and diarrhoea.

It’s also one year to the day that we bought Ruby home for the first time as a puppy.

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