Allotment Update 18th February 2017

A short video from the allotment.

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Morning Bird Song

The birds were in particularly fine voice this morning, so I recorded a little bit of it for you. Can you hear the woodpecker?

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What The Heron Had For Breakfast

The playing fields just over the road from are a good bench mark for me to tell how wet a winter we’ve been having. So far I’d have to say, drier than last winter. That said there is a big wet patch over there, it’s like a bit of marsh land. There is often a Heron out there stalking the amphibian fauna that lives there (it’s not wet enough to support fish, it dries out in the summer). This morning the Heron had been particularly lucky and had bagged himself a particularly large frog. He flew off with it dangling from his beak.

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The BBC’s adaptation of Len Deighton’s SS-GB starts this coming Sunday. I’m looking forward to watching it, having read the book years ago. It’s an alternate history story with Britain being occupied by the Nazi’s having lost the Battle of Britain. Trailer below:

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New Glasses

I went to the opticians yesterday for a routine appointment, apparently my prescription hasn’t changed but I’ve had a referral to my GP, as there’s a burst blood vessel in the back of one of my eyes. The referral is a precaution to get blood pressure etc checked. Doing that Wednesday.

I’m also getting a new pair of glasses, as my old ones are quite scratched. I pick those up next week. I’m pretty boring when it comes to choosing glasses, Dame Edna I am not. So my new ones look pretty much like the old ones.

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Quick Links 13th February 2017

Each week I’ll try and post quick links to things that I’ve seen, read, inspired me or just sparked my interest in the previous week, with a little background and my thoughts and other things that I’ve been up to in the previous week. Mostly gardening, cooking and environmental stuff but not always.

Life In General.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last week doing stuff on my late Dad’s estate, paperwork etc. Very tiring and frustrating, and stirring a lot of memories.


No news on any of the proposals I was working on last week, it’s a little early days for some, and I was finalising one early on Friday morning to get it submitted. A little bit like buses, nothing for ages and then several come along at once. Another one landed late on Friday which I have yet to look at properly.

I also had some good news on some development work. I’ve secured some time from local university students to work on a couple of business development items, one for the existing business and another for some new areas looking at growing and cooking. Early days and I’m meeting with them on Wednesday, so more details to follow.

Currently Reading

The Fireman by Joe Hill [GoodReads]

When the Trees Say Nothing: Writings on Nature by Thomas Merton [GoodReads]

A Search for Solitude: Pursuing the Monk’s True Life (Journals Vol. 3) by Thomas Merton [GoodReads]

Wizard and Glass by Stephen King [GoodReads]. The next book in the Dark Tower series,  a book I’m reading for an online group.

Blog Survey

Another quick plug for the blog survey…

If you haven’t already had time, please consider completing my 2017 blog survey. I’m keen to hear what you think of the blog, and you can potentially win a £10 Amazon voucher. Looking at the responses so far it seems to take people about 3 minutes to complete. I’ve been having a quick look at responses each day, and I think I can already see some trends, plus there are some nice comments generally, thank you if you have left me one of those, it is appreciated and really means a lot.

If you’ve already filled it out, thanks! If you haven’t had a chance yet, then please do (it will be open until the end of February).

Great Balls of Fire – some science stuff, about asteroids, meteors and the like, and what happens when they hit Planet Earth [LINK]

No Cellphone Service – also from the Last Word on Nothing Blog [LINK]

Bluetooth Spy – if you use Google Chrome as the browser on your computer, you might want to read this. [LINK] My laptop has bluetooth, but I keep it turned off unless I actually need to use it (more to preserve battery life).

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

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Build A Stegosaurus

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