Red Sky Updated

So I posted a little early yesterday perhaps. When I went into the kitchen for a cup of tea yesterday evening, I looked out to the garden to see it was raining, and had been for a little while.

I’m pleased. Pleased that the proverb is still good, but more importantly that this is the first rain that we’ve had for over a month. It rained all evening and continued over night, and was still going this morning.

I popped into the allotment this morning to uncover some of the seeds I sowed at the weekend, so that they’d get a good drop of rain. I truly believe that rainfall is the best thing for plants rather than direct watering from a hosepipe. I hope it continues for little while, we need a good drop.

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Red Sky

Red Sky At Night, Shepherd’s Delight;

Red Sky In The Morning, Shepherd’s Warning

When i got up this morning, and let my dogs into the garden, the first job of everyday, the sky was a vivid crimson red. I was therefore expecting a rainshower or two at some point, something that would be good for my allotment. Reality didn’t live up to the proverb however as it was a nice sunny day. Shouldn’t grumble however.

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Quick Links 8th May 2017

Each week I’ll try and post quick links to things that I’ve seen, read, inspired me or just sparked my interest in the previous week, with a little background and my thoughts and other things that I’ve been up to in the previous week. Mostly gardening, cooking and environmental stuff but not always.

Life In General. – I started this week taking Ruby to the vets, she’d been a little lethargic and off colour and we suspected that maybe she had a urinary tract infection. The vet confirmed this, and prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Her response to treatment was pretty miraculous, to the point of me asking if I could have what she was taking. She seems to be fully on the mend now.

Also been doing a few things at my Mum’s place in the garden, some weeding on her raised beds and some general tidying to get ready for planting out a few things when the weather warms up a bit more.

Work – I’ve had a relatively quiet week, mostly been tucked up in my home office working on things, with no meetings outside, and with it being a Bank Holiday week I gave Monday a miss. I find working for myself, I work the hours that I want to and they don’t necessarily follow a rigid Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. I find it more effective to work when it’s appropriate and sometimes this will be early mornings, evenings and weekends. I guess I probably work the same amount of hours overall, just not in a set pattern, but to be honest I’ve never actually counted them (except when a client wants me to for billing).

Allotment. – The leeks mostly seem to have taken, although it’s still a little early to be certain. I’ve also been sowing some more seed. More radish (we had our first two harvests from the first sowing, so I wanted to get more in), a second sowing of lettuce, because the first doesn’t seem to have germinated. Also got some spinach in. Germination this year seems to have been a little patchy, sweetcorn in particular hasn’t been great, so I’ve got some more seed to get in.


Currently Reading

I’ve still be working my way through Wendell Berry, but have started reading some of Bernard Cornwell’s “Sharpe” series, I’m currently reading Sharpe’s Triumph[GoodReads], which is the second in the series.

Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King [GoodReads] – which I am reading for an online group.

The Week In Wildlife – In Pictures

Roger Deakin – Cigarette on the Waveney – Roger Deakin died in 2006, but he wrote some of my all time favourite nature books; Waterlog, Wildwood & Notes from Walnut Tree Farm (the latter posthumously). I was pleased to see that the BBC have made his trip down the River Waveney in a cigarette canoe available again. Not sure how long this will be available for, or if you can access it outside of the UK but it is well worth spending half-an-hour on.

Carrot Clarinet – Although it looks as though this has been around for a few years, I don’t remember seeing it before, so thought I’d share it here:

Morocco to Timbuktu – I think I might end up watching this:

High Line Problems –  Interesting piece about disused rail lines and other similar habitats on the Last Word on Nothing Blog [LINK]

The Dark Tower Trailer – In addition to reading the Dark Tower series at the moment, the movie is also in production and now there has been a trailer released. Looks good!

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Allotment Update 6th May 2017

Short video post from the allotment.

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Update From The Potting Shed

This is the first update from the potting shed for 2017. My tomatoes are out in their final growing spots, a little earlier than I would have liked, but they were getting leggy and needed to go out, but they are just putting out their first flowering spikes so it’s about the right time from that point of view. Also a quick peek at some of the other seeds that I’ve got germinating.

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Decentralised Agriculture

I’ve been reading a lot of Wendell Berry in the last couple of weeks. His views on the environment, farming, growth and globalism are profound, but also pretty spot on. Some of these essays were written decades ago, some are nearly as old as I am. What in effect he foretold, has come to pass and in many ways the commercialisation of agriculture and food production could well be the biggest downfall of our society.

I also read an interesting article on the impact of Brexit on food production [LINK]. To be honest some of the concerns, whilst valid, just seem plain stupid and need challenging. It’s not clear why flour or milk needs to travel quite so much in order to be converted from a resource to a product, and if this is a genuine concern, shouldn’t we be looking at how to overcome this practically e.g. making sure that production and manufacture are happening in the same places or close by rather than trucking things all over the place? It seems that the government is great at raising concerns but pretty 5h1t at coming up with solutions or plans. It’s like we voted for Brexit, but have no plans for any eventuality, rather than one for every eventuality.

Berry also talks about the loss of decentralised agriculture or basically growing your own food or at least buying it locally rather than having to rely on it being bought to you via lengthy journeys from large commercial production. Understanding where it has come from, the welfare of animals and the way crops are treated in terms of how they are grown, chemicals used etc.

I’ve talked about these things before, and I am certain in my own mind that the globalised model is no longer the right one (if it ever was in the first place) and that we should be looking more at local goods, and local production. I’m proud that I grow my own vegetables, and would given the space certainly look at other ways to be more self-sufficient, but in those areas I already look locally and will do this increasingly so.

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First Radish

Harvested the first radishes of 2017 this morning. They were direct sown on April 1st, and there are plenty more to come. The variety is French Breakfast, although I’ll probably be having them with my lunch!

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