Garden Birdlist 2016


Regular readers will know that I keep an annual garden bird list. The rule is simple to be on the list I must have seen the bird in, or from the garden for it to qualify.

The total so far this year is 28 species. Not a big number I know, but not bad for an urban back garden. The overall number of species, across all the years I’ve been doing this is 36.

I might get a couple more before New Year, but it feels unlikely. There are plenty of species a stones throw away, but they don’t make the rule.

Anyway here’s this years list:

  1. Black-Headed Gull
  2. Blackbird
  3. Blackcap
  4. Blue tit
  5. Buzzard
  6. Carrion Crow
  7. Chaffinch
  8. Chiff -Chaff
  9. Coal tit
  10. Collared Dove
  11. Dunnock
  12. Goldfinch 
  13. Great tit
  14. Grey Heron
  15. Herring gull
  16. House sparrow
  17. Jackdaw
  18. Jay
  19. Long-tailed tit
  20. Magpie
  21. Red kite
  22. Robin
  23. Song thrush
  24. Sparrowhawk
  25. Starling
  26. Swift
  27. Wood pigeon
  28. Wren