Some Podcast Recommendations

I spend a fair amount of time on trains, particularly commuting to and from work.  When I don’t have my head in a book I am often listening to or watching podcasts.  I thought I’d link to a couple of my favourites here as I know that some of my readers share similar interests and might be interested in these podcasts themselves.  I’ve linked to both the websites for the podcasts and also to the iTunes page, for both.

So first up:  BWCACAST (Boundary Waters Canoe Area).  This video podcast covers many of the lakes and rivers on or near the US / Canadian border and is filmed and produced by Bill Bryson III.  The scenery is just spectacular, with commentary on the routes taken, as well as the wilderness hints and tips.  I must admit to being envious watching these videocasts on the train, wishing that I was in the great outdoors.  Highly recommended.

BWCACAST is available in standard and high definition versions.  The iTunes link below is to the standard version.


BWCACAST iTunes link

The second of my choices is Encounters.  This audio podcast is recorded and produced mostly by Richard Nelson, although there are some older episodes with other presenters.  Each show focuses on a different species or habitat and looks in detail at it.  Filled with detailed knowledge and references to other natural history writers and information this is another must listen in my opinion.

Encounters Website

Encounters iTunes link

So sit down.  Download and enjoy.